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Beck Snotswazer

Full name

Rebecca "Becky" Nurdegurl Snotswzager


12 (in the sersie)
10 (in flashback) 24 (as of 2010)


Unknown parents,Shelly (sister),Lucy (sister),Yakko("boyfriend")





Hair/Fur color



"Hi Yakko"
"Hey maybe we shpuld go out tonight lets do so"

1st appearnce

Animaniacs:The Movie (mentioed)
My Life with Becky (offical)

Voiced by

Amy Pohler/Grey Delise

Early LifeEdit

Rebecca "Becky" Nurdegurl Snotswagger was born in Burbank,Califronia to an unknown father that owns a cellphone company and an unknown mother.She is the 3rd born of 4 sisters along with Doloris,Shelly,and Lucy. According to Yakko he and Doloris met a press confrence in 1996 and had "dated" for 3 hours straight.Then Yakko and his siblings shipped her to Austria never to be seen agian.Then Becky lied to the Grant-A-Wish in order to meet the Warners and she countinelly tries to date Yakko unaware that he has a girlfriend.


  • Animaniacs The Movie (mentioed,later scrapped)
  • My Life with Becky (1st appearnce)
  • Love Sakko
  • Switched Personality (cameo)
  • The Horror
  • I Do(n't)
  • Operation:B.E.C.K.Y
  • The Warners of Oz

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