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Animaniacs 2000


12(Seasons 1 and 2) 13(Season 3) 14(Seasons 4-6)




Yakko Warner(Father) Hello Nurse Warner(Mother) Okkay Warner(Brother) Sissi Warner(Sister) Wakko Warner(Uncle) Dot Warner(Aunt)

Voiced by

James Arnold Taylor

Brakko Warner is the son of Yakko Warner and Hello Nurse Warner and brother of Okkay Warner and Sissi Warner.





Brakko wears a red tanktop with grey pants and has a bag on his leg filled with Joke Smoke similar to his uncle's Gag Bag. He looks exactly like Yakko.


Brakko seems to be sort of a neatfreak cleaning up wherever he goes. He is also shown to treat his siblings like children espicially Okkay becuase of his intellegience while he hates being belittled himself. He also has gemini's who help him make decisions(he usually agrees with the red gemini). He also has a habit of saying innuendos like his Dad.



Brakko usually argues with Okkay however as shown in Tomb Warners he likes Okkay giving him half of Egypt.  This is also shown when he is substituting for the Grim Reaper he refuses to reap his siblings(only because Okkay owes him 5 bucks). They are also shown to be barbaric when they fight as shown in Cave-Warners and Warner History.

Sissi WarnerEdit

Due to her cuteness Sissi usually gets whatever she wants from the boys however in season 2 it doesn't work anymore.

Yakko WarnerEdit

Brakko is completely loyal to his dad however does argue with him every ounce in a while. ==Gallery== The Warners are not like Yokko and Wokka.

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