Jessi's best friend

background Edit

Flankie is a droplet - looking toon he's Jessi's best friend , Flankie was living In the house that's Jessi and her father moved into when they met each other Jessi was a little startled yet remaining calm , the two started bonding after a while. Flankie looks after Jessi he cares for her and has a little crush on her , he also has dreams of being an actor and acting with his friend on the show in which he successfully became and now he and Jessi have their own show called "The Flankie and Jessi show",

Appearence and Personality Edit

Flankie is a slightly short droplet looking toon he's usually light blue though can change colors sometimes and has purple and green eyes, he's clumsy , shy , yet 

kindhearted also protective he can be a little moody and can be coward but when it comes to his friend Jessi it's totally different

relation with JessiEdit


"Oh Yeah Score!"

"That's my Jessi"

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