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Good idea Bad idea: ConductingEdit

Good idea: Conducting music........

Bad idea: Conducting electricity.......

Good idea Bad idea: Macaroni and Cheese and Spare RibsEdit

Good idea: Putting black pepper on your macaroni and cheese and spare ribs.

Bad idea: Putting pepper spray on your macaroni and cheese and spare ribs.

Good idea Bad idea: TalkingEdit

Good idea: Talking with people.

Bad idea: Talking to yourself.

Good idea Bad idea: Beer partyEdit

Good Idea: Going to a party and having a Root Beer.

Bad Idea: Going to a party and having a Beer

Good idea Bad idea: Classic ShowsEdit

Good Idea: Bringing back classic shows.

Bad Idea: Bringing back classic shows with dumbed-down changes added.

Good Idea Bad idea: Retro Shows on DVDEdit

Good idea: Putting retro shows on DVD with special features.

Bad Idea: Putting retro shows on DVD without features.

Good Idea Bad idea: Romantic dinnerEdit

good idea: Taking your wife to a romantic dinner.

Bad Idea: Taking your wife's friend to a romantic dinner.

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