Good Idea, Bad Idea

Good Idea: Cutting with scissors. 

Bad Idea: Running with scissors.

Hot Air Heads  Dr. Scratchansniff wakes up to the Warners playing around with balloons downstairs. They were riding them everywhere and were bouncing off walls. Dr. Scratchansniff tells them to stop, but they can't. The balloons fly down to the ground with the other balloons. The Warners grab some of the balloons on the ground before their balloons go back up. They bump into the window. They see a bunch of hot air balloons flying outside. They are really happy seeing the hot air balloons. They grab Dr. Scratchansniff and they run to the place where the hot air balloons are launched. They run over the guy who was launching the hot air balloons. He gets up to welcome Dr. Scratchansniff and talk to him. The Warners are impatient. They sneak away and go in a green lime-shaped hot air balloon. The hot air balloon launcher, thinking that someone got in the lime hot air balloon, launches it up in the air. The Warners were really happy to see them flying in the hot air balloon. They had fun flying the hot air balloon. Dr. Scratchansniff is worried when he sees them in the balloon flying around like crazy. The lime hot air balloon then bumps into a zebra-striped hot air balloon. The Warners hop in and start messing around with the people in the balloon and fly it like crazy. They kept hopping in different hot air balloons and messing around with people in them. Suddenly, on one of the hot air balloons, the Warners start hanging onto the basket about to fall off. Dr. Scratchansniff sees this and runs into a beaker hot air balloon to rescue the Warners. He finds them and then grabs them. The Warners were happy to be rescued and they fly down to the ground.
Good Idea, Bad Idea 

Good Idea: Looking at a nest of birds.

Bad Idea: Looking at a nest of wasps.

Pigeons and Bells   The Goodfeathers were walking along on the sidewalk and stop to eat a leftover cinnamon roll. Suddenly, a truck with a big bag drives past and a bell falls out of the bag. Bobby, Pesto, and Squit come to it. Squit grabs the bell and starts ringing it. He was happy with the ringing sound from the bell. Pesto was getting very annoyed with it. Bobby liked it and started dancing along with Squit. Pesto runs to Bobby and Squit to beat them up, but Bobby throws him away. They fly off to find some more bells while Pesto tries to find some peace and quiet. Pesto tries to sleep in a tree, but Bobby and Squit were ringing their bells on a branch. Pesto then tries to sleep on a chimney. He wakes up to Bobby and Squit dancing on the roof with their bells. Then, Pesto tries to sleep in a trash can. Suddenly, Bobby and Squit appear and ring their bells loudly. Pesto flies out of the trash can. That night, Pesto was tired. He decided to go to sleep on a window on an apartment. Bobby and Squit take some other local pigeons to a big bell on a building a mile away from the apartment where Pesto was sleeping. Some pigeons started ringing the big bell while the other pigeons including Bobby and Squit started partying with their bells. The ringing flew across from the building to Pesto. He woke up very angry and flew to the building where the pigeons were partying. When the pigeons (except Bobby and Squit) saw Pesto angrily flying towards them, they flew away. Pesto grabbed a bell that has been left behind by one of the pigeons. He started chasing Bobby and Squit around on the roof of the building. Suddenly, he stopped chasing them when the Godpigeon appears. The Godpigeon had heard Bobby and Squit's bell party and had brought a bell with him. Squit calls the pigeons to come back for more partying. The pigeons then come back for partying with Bobby, Squit, and the Godpigeon. Pesto flies away to sleep in a hole under a building.
Moving In  One windy night, Rita and Runt were sleeping in their alley. A garbage truck drove past their alley. Suddenly, a big gust of wind knocked the garbage truck over, spilling a lot of garbage in the alley. Rita and Runt were upset that a lot of garbage was in their alley. They walk away to find a new home to live in until the garbage in the alley was cleared. They found the Warners' water tower, climbed up it, and went inside. The Warners gave them a big enthusiastic welcome. They showed Rita and Runt that they will be sleeping on the floor. Runt is very hungry and wants some food. Wakko leads him to the fridge where he grabs some food from it to eat. Rita goes into the fridge and gets a can of tuna. Now it was bathtime. Yakko, Wakko, Dot, Rita, and Runt go into the bathroom. Yakko, Wakko, Dot, and Runt got into the tub while Rita stayed out of the tub cleaning herself with her tongue. The Warners and Runt were splashing each other and soon, they were playing around in the tub wildly. Rita ran outside of the bathroom. Then the Warners put their pajamas on and fitted Rita and Runt in their pajamas. They came back in the bathroom when it was time for brushing teeth. Runt was messy with the toothpaste, even when he tried to help Rita with her toothbrush. The Warners, Rita, and Runt went to sleep. Dot wakes up Yakko and Wakko to have a party in their bed. So they started dancing and having pillow fights in their bed. Rita couldn't sleep with the noise and the flashing lights. Runt leaps out of his bed and joins the party with the Warners. Rita leaves the bedroom and shuts the door behind her. She goes downstairs into the cupboard under the stairs to sleep in. The next day, in the afternoon, Rita and Runt left the water tower when they hear the news that the trash in the alley is cleared. They went back there for a good night's sleep.
The Wheel of Morality Never borrow things without permission, including balloons.