These are a list of Animanaics fanon episodes. The series ran for a total of 65 episodes in total.

# Title Brief Summary Airdate Title Card
1 Kitchen Chaos Yakko, Wakko, and Dot go to hells kitchen and drive Chef Ramsey crazy. They also get the contestants crazy.
2 What Are We An Animal Archivist tries to figure out what animals the Warner Siblings are.
3a The Zany Musicians The Warner Siblings play a parody of the Brothers Grimm's Strange Musician with Ralph as the Musician.
3b Bremen Brouhaha Rita and Runt along with Chicken Boo and a Donkey play are in the Story, "The Bremen Town Musicians".
3c An Unusual Partnership Pinky becomes friends with a lab cat, however, the cat is seeking something during His stay... (Parody of Brothers Grimm's "Cat and Mouse in Partnership")
4a Wheel Of Wackiness The Warners go on "Wheel Of Fortune" and cause chaos.
4b Everybody Loves Yakko A play on "Everybody Loves Raymond" and the Baroness guest star with others from the show. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot drive them crazy.
5a The Warner Bunch A parody of "The Brady Bunch".
5b I Love Dottie A parody of "I Love Lucy". In it, Dot keeps getting called Dottie, which, of course, angers her.
6 Warner Days Parody of Happy Days, with Dot probably oogling over Arthur "The Fonz" Fonzarelli.
7a Wakko Rides Again Scratchansniff tries to teach Wakko on how to ride a bike.
7b Pokemaniacs The Warners do a parody of Pokemon.
8 Mr. Plotz Goes to Washington Plotz is called to testify before Congress. The Warners' offer of assistance is refused, so they run amok throughout the nation's capital.
9a Warners & Grace This is a parody of Will & Grace.
9b Yakko Potter This is a parody of Harry Potter!
10 The Warner Nanny Scratchansniff gives up on the Warners and the CEO hires a nanny to deal with the Warners. At the end it turns out that the nanny has a harder time with the Warners than Scratchansniff.
11a Out From Timmy's Brain A parody of "Out of Jimmy's Head". A random live action kid named Timmy has a new brain that makes him able to see cartoons and Yakko, Wakko and Dot end up becoming Timmy's friends so they have to help him with School and such every day and they aren't happy with it and they don't even like the live action world that they are in so they keep making bad things happen to Timmy.
11b Warner Spears The Warners meet a parody of Brittany Spears and Yakko and Wakko keep annoying her since they are in love with her just like any other hot girl they meet. Finally at the end, she goes psycho and shaves her head and she loses all her fans.
12a The Squirrel and a Baby Mouse Slappy adopted little Sneezer from Tiny Toons.
12b Hong Kong is so Long The trio goes to Hong Kong to have adventures, like Yakko goes to the Avenue of Stars to find himself, Wakko goes to Ocean Park to free all the animals from a corrupt new owner, and Dot goes to Nathan Road to find a Hong Kong boyfriend.
13 Dot Power Pinky & the Brain try to take over the world by using a diamond to control a robot that can do the job. The only problem is they don't have acess to it with it being in the Warner Bros. Museum. So they go inside & take over Dot's Brain and use her cuteness to get to the diamond.
14a Hellooo, Lawsuit! The Warners jump on another girl, but this time they unexpectedly get convicted of sexual harassment.
14b Government Note: Don't Air This The Warners go to Iraq.
14c Freakier Friday In a classic Freaky Friday parody of clich'd proportions, all of the characters in Animaniacs switch bodies.
15a TV-Tubbies While attempting to find their way to Disneyland, the Warners end up in a land similar to that of the one found in Teletubbies. There, they meet characters similar to the ones in the show.
15b It's a Pixar World Now CGI animation and untalented movie star voices threaten to hit Animaniacs after an exec suggests that 2-D animation and traditional voice actors are no longer "hip." The Warners and others attempt to save themselves from this dramatic change by stopping animators from changing things around and preventing various movie stars from taking over their roles on the show.
15c Convention Critic At a cartoon convention, the Warners meet John K., the creator of Ren and Stimpy and one of the biggest haters of Animaniacs. After he criticizes them with extreme harshness, they seek to make him their "special friend" and annoy the living daylights out of him.
16a Toon for President After every member in the White House mysteriously disappears, there is no one to take over as President of the United States of America. A quickie election is held. Slappy the Squirrel, who hates everything about modern America, runs for office and somehow wins. At the end of the skit, the members of Congress return from the alien space ship from which they were abducted. Everybody who is currently in office is replaced by the old members. There is one twist, however. The aliens have made Congress reasonable, less greedy, and more concerned about the needs of average Americans. Everybody is happy until the aliens come back and fix their little "oopsy."
16b Whatever Happened to Master Godpigeon? The Godpigeon is kidnapped, so it's up to the Goodfeathers to save him.
16c Meet the Squirrels After Child Protective Services deems Mindy's parents to be unfit, she is taken into foster care and is soon adopted by Slappy. She begins to miss Buttons and her parents. Luckily, her mom and dad take parenting classes and qualify to get Mindy back. They're still not that great of parents in terms of monitoring their child, but Mindy is glad to be back home with the family that she loves.
17a Fraudulent Nurse The Warners discover that Hello Nurse is not a real nurse at all- just a mental patient at the clinic who thinks she is one. They vow to keep it a secret, but accidentally spill the secret to Burbank police, who arrest Hello Nurse for fraud and Scratchy for perjury.
17b Man-imaniacs Brain creates a machine that can turn any animal into a human, and plans to use it on himself and Pinky so that he has an easier chance of taking over the world. Unfortunately, Snowball steals it and starts turning a lot of animals into humans, including the entire cast of Animaniacs.
18 I Now Pronounce You Pinky and the Brain In a strange turn of events, Pinky and the Brain, posing as a gay couple, become President (Brain) and Vice President (Pinky) of GLAD: Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders. The Brain plans a massive international gay pride rally, where gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenderists, supporters, and other members of the LGBT community all across the globe will gather together and march. According to Brain's plan, the marchers will stop at a certain point, and look up to see Brain speak. There, he will use his hypnotic statue to take control of the minds of every marcher, and he will command them to do his bidding, causing a massive global takeover. During the parade, however, Pinky, gaining a newfound respect for the LGBT community, points out that the two have been lying to these people the entire time. These people have come to respect Pinky and the Brain greatly, so it has caused a lot of problems within Pinky's conscience. Eventually, Pinky convinces Brain to admit the truth to the millions of people in front of him. He does this in a way as to admit his mistake, yet inform the people of his newfound respect for the LGBT community because of his experience. Fortunately, the people respect Brain for his honesty, and he seeks to find a new plan for taking over the world.
19a CSI: Burbank The Warners do a parody of CSI.
19b Junkyard Birds Sleeping for the night at a junkyard, the Goodfeathers find out that there are some junkyard items that could be used for a junkyard band. which gains the unwanted attention of the Godpigeon...
20a Clash of the Cousins Minerva's city cousin Miranda come for a vist and discovered that all of the male Animals (even Newt) are interested in her and Minerva tries to get rid of Miranda
20b Hunt for the Mink After numerous failures on capturing Minerva, Newt hires Yakko and Wakko into founding her and bring him her fur.
21 Animanaics Big Adventure (Part 1/Toon-Virus) When an rival studio (can't say who) created a virus that have the effect to harm cartoon characters and plans to unleash it into the Warner's studios, there all the cartoon characters were effected (except the warners who escape from the tower again) now all the characters are about to die, and it up to the warners,scratchansniff and plotz to save the studio and find the cure.
Note: This was originally a fake episode that was shown in the episode "Deduces Wild"
22 Animaniaics Big Adventure (Part 2/The Cure) After Wakko is effect by the virus. Yakko,Dot and Scratchansniff are off to found the cure. while someone had planted false evidence on Plotz and was called to court. Meanwhile, under the effect of the virus, Wakko began seeing/dream of hallucinations.
23 Animaniancs Big Adventure (Part 3/The Final Showdown) After finding the cure, Yakko,Wakko,Dot and Scratchansniff head towards the north pole to found the forumla for the virus and then began to free Plots and give the cure to the other characters before it's too late. Meanwhile the head of the rivial studio begins is master plan; to effect all other studio in the world so his studio will be #1.
24 Wakko's Great
25a Pop Princess Yakko and Wakko disguse themselves as girls to get Princess to change her mind about forceing Yokko into her party(without anything cartoon violent) ,but it backfires and they get "inveted" too.So they come up with a back-up plan which involves cartoon violence and Dot
25b Escape from Zanz-atraz After Mr. Plotz accidently sends the Warners to a maxumin securtiy detention center for insane people insted of a boarding school it's up to The Varners to bust them out.
25c The Pop Princess Strike Back Wokka is offered into Princess' clique ,but unfourtanley the Initiation is to get the Warners out of their water tower so she struggles with "peer" pressure
26 The Quantum of Rhythm After being kidnapped and tortured by Russian spies Yokko tells then The Rhythm key the kids and the C.I.A (and later Pinky & the Brain) unite to stop the Chief's evil plan to get children and teens to overthrow their parents and take over the world
27/28 Around the World in 80 Hours The Warners bet The Varners that they could beat them at a round the world race in excatly 4 days,80 hours.However Sakko follows them to get revenge on them like always.
29a Where There's A Warner, There's A Way
29b There Will Be Slappys
29c Slumbering With The Enemy
30a Very Special Opening 2
30b The Great Wakkorotti: Theme Song Wakko belches to the theme tune of "Animainacs".
30c Warners Take Over
31a Gender Bender Warners The Warners meet there gender bender counterparts.
31b The Return of the Super Strong Warner Siblings
32a Wakkoladdin Disney's Aladdin is spoofed.
32b It's A Double Quake A song about the 1906 and 1989 San Francisco earthquakes.
32c Night Of The Living Warners
33a The Not-So-Model Mother The Warners help James Whistler become a master painter.
33b A Wing And A Prayer The Warners help Orville and Wilbur Wright make their historic flight.
33c The Trouble With Trainees! The Warners are trained to be security guards for the studio with disastrous results.
34a Disputin' With Newton The Warners "help" Issac Newton discover gravity.
34b Jockey For Position The Brain wants to win the Kentucky Derby so he can finance his latest scheme to rule the world.
34c Clowns For A Day! The Warners try to be clowns at the circus.
35a Natural Born Jokers Yakko, Wakko and Dot want to help Squintin Tarantella with his new movie, Pulped Fractions.
35b Reservoir Mice Pinky plans to take over the world with a laughing serum; Spoof of the movie Reservoir Dogs.
36a Brain For Brain Deciding that his plans fail because of Pinky, the Brain ends their relationship to take a new partner--himself, cloned from his latest invention, a duplicator ray.
36b Frankly Frankenstein Yakko, Wakko, and Dot get sent to Austria in a box meant for Dr. Frankenstein.
37a Dig this, Daddy-O Yakko, Wakko and Dot, teach the beatniks a thing or two about being cool.
37b Don't Be Stuck in Squaresville See poetry and performance art--Animaniacs style!
38a Mace Ventura Pet Hunter A rich old lady hires Mace Ventura to capture Rita and Runt; Mace Ventura is based on the character played in the movie Ace Ventura, Pet Detective by Jim Carey.
38b Cannoli Or Nothing Godpigeon sends the Goodfeathers crew out to get him a cannoli.
38c Shopping Beauty Minerva Mink goes shopping.
39a Wrestlemaniacs Yakko, Wakko and Dot mistakenly go to a Wrestling event instead of the Kiss concert; appearance by the rock band Kiss.
39b The Mean Green Monster Brain Machine Pinky and The Brain build a Monster Truck to compete at the local event for money.
40 Bonjoooooor, Nurse! After a successful jaunt through Japan, the Animaniacs set out to visit another country even more well-known for its respectable people...but wind up in France instead.
41a Pancake House Of Horror Wakko, Yakko and Dot accidentally stop at Pointy's restaurant and become the main course; Pointy is parody of Clive Barker's Pinhead character.
41b A Paw Worth Fighting For! Skippy Squirrel gets a magical Monkey Paw from a box of cereal.
41c Tickle-Me Evil! Buttons tries to protect Mindy from a possessed doll.
42 Plane for Keeps The friendly skies ain't so friendly when Slappy Squirrel's plane gets hijacked for her vacation. Good thing Slappy brought along her own cartoon dynamite to protect herself. So who gets to blow up the plane?
43a Slappy's Mother Goose You'll never look at your favorite bedtime stories the same after Slappy eviscerates Mother Goose and Beatrix Potter.
43b Slumberland Little Nemo takes a bath as Wakko takes over.
43c Dot's Spot Dr. Seuss will put away his shingle when Dot starts in on rhyme.
44a Away With Wurds! All heckola breaks loose when the Warner sibs torment a best-selling horror novelist.
44b Crossed Signals! Pinky and the Brain experience explosive decompression.
45a I Never Promised You a Kindergarten! Pinky and the Brain: one is a genius, the other's insane? And they both need their diapers changed when Brain's youth formula backfires! The laboratory mice whose genes have been spliced must attempt to take over the world? One preschool at a time?
45b Baby Bowl Buttons gets punted, drop-kicked, passed, and pulverized when he tries to save Mindy from a football game.
46a Global Disorder The United Nations is holding a fundraiser and all the major world leaders are attending. Brain plans to freeze them all by spraying the room with his "PB Zork" gas and putting the room temperature up to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, then getting them all laughing. This will cause them to freeze. Then, he'll build wax models of them and implant chips in the models, using them to control the world. The mice sneak in as punk rockers. But once they're all frozen, the gas reacts with the wax to cause a spontaneous combustion.
46b Ice Cream of Genie! Wakko has dropped "Pistachio-Nut-Fudge-Floorwax-and-Brussels-Sprout" ice cream down Ralph's pants, and the Warners now flee him. While searching for the trampoline Wakko comes across an old piece of "Bupperware," which contains an attractive female genie, who will grant him three wishes. The three sibs debate the wishes until Wakko finally decides on a breakfast, then all the ice cream he can eat. When he gets it, he's so full he wishes he'd never found the Bupperware.
46c 1492: The True Story The Warners arrive on Christopher Columbus' ship, and after wreaking some of the usual havoc, they help him find Asia...or, er, not…
47a Ranch Lotta-Doh! The Warners feel they're no longer cute, and so go to a health spa, where they hope to get a "major overhaul." But they're mistaken as trainees and Yakko, Dot, & Wakko are assigned to the kitchen, hot tub, and yoga class, respectively, with the expected results. After the club's customers praise their methods, they're served by the snooty manager, Ken, instead of vice versa.
47b Win Big Brain plans to go on Gyp-Parody to win the money necessary for tonight's plan. To do so, he builds a mechanical suit that makes him look like a man. However, after beating the other contestants, he loses his money on one question—about Ralph Kramden's catch phrase from The Honeymooners, which Pinky has been spouting all night.
47c Tower Trouble A new plumber, Plotzy's son-in-law, is assigned to check every leak in the place, as they're filming several films involving massive amounts of water today. Perrier, the plumber, unwittingly turns up the pressure on the tower's gauge, causing it to fill with water and sends the Warners across the lot, ruining the filming of the various pictures. He ends up with a nice, dry job…
48a Rewriting History Brain notes that mice get no respect from the humans, and so creates a makeshift time machine from the TV. The duo travel back to prehistoric times, but have no luck converting the Neanderthals. So, they paint Brain's image all over, then return to their own time. But rather than the people praising Brain, they praise Rickee Rat, a Mickey Mouse-ish mascot with a cranial shape similar to our hero's.
48b Coco, Anyone? At a fashion show, Dot and their former costume designer Coco Gazelle (an animal of the same name) reminisce about the good ol' days—in Paris, they accidentally ruin the bright colorful dress she planned to show to the designers, so the Warners design her a new-one—a tight-fitting ugly black dress, which amazingly becomes the newest sensation. Coco has become a success, and she has the Warners to thank.
48c Guitars and Cadillacs The Warners meet Hank Hickory, an aspiring country star, and take him to Nashville, where they audition for Waylon Dollar of Rhinestone Records. He tells them they're in, but they overhear him saying that they're so terrible they'll never make a dime, making for a great tax write-off. So they drive him insane and eventually make a fool out of him in front of the press. Hank becomes the new president of Rhinestone Records.
49 Egyptian Conniption Julius Caesar and Cleopatra are planning to take over the world, but the Warners burst in, looking for the beach. They convince Caesar to switch to making salads, and Cleo locks them in the dungeon. But they redecorate the place, turning it into a hotel. She's ready to kill herself, but they inform her that she's now in show biz, playing "Cleo's Palace" in Vegas.
49c Pun Fight at the O.K. Corral In the small Western town of Tombstone, Wyatt Earp is picking on everyone until the Warners show up as the Pony Express. They soon annoy the heck out of him and he chases them through a saloon, barbershop, and finally onto a dance hall stage, where they put him in a dress and convince him to get on the stage—coach, that is.
50b The Whole Tooth and Nothin' But the Tooth Wakko hurts his tooth but is afraid of the dentist. Yakko and Dot scare him by telling him of the dentist as various scary beings, and when he gets to the office, he refuses to get into the chair, until he sees the attractive dental assistant. Yakko & Wakko decide to go for "the works"—braces and all—and Dot soon joins them when she sees Dr. Paine's handsome assistant, Dr. Suffering.
52a Total Commitment Yakko, Wakko, & Dot invade a meeting of Plotzy's board, and when Scratchansniff fails to tame them, he's held responsible. He finally goes nuts, and is sent to a "loony bin." His replacement, Dr. Bananibal Phrewtkupp, plans to reform the three at any cost, even using broccoli and plaid uniforms. They head off to the institution, and after being locked up themselves, escape and find Scratchy. They get him to come home, and together get rid of Phrewtkupp.
52b Mister Director, I Presume Our heroes are sent to find Mr. Director, who has wandered off again. They find him in the small French village of Pootezvous, where the people actually enjoy his comedy. He refuses to leave, and the people want him to stay too, but they use a magic trick to make him "disappear." Then, after a few more gags, they run off with him, returning to the studio, only to find out that Plotz wants Mr. Director to go to the airport so he can fly to Pootezvous, where he is to be the guest of honor at a film festival.
53a A Comic Book is Born Scratchy settles down with his favorite comic book, "Pinky and the Brain," but the Warners burst in. He takes them through the steps of how it's made—from writing, to courting the editor, to pencils, to lettering, to inks, and to coloring. But the Warners show us how comics are *REALLY* made at the end…
53b The Ice Cream Man Cometh It's a hot summer day when the ice cream man pulls up; but this guy is a real jerk to his customers, so the Warners take things into their own hands. After handing out free ice cream and thoroughly annoying him, they go inside his truck, where it's a winter wonderland. They duel with him using Popsicle sticks, and he ends up falling over a frozen waterfall, out of the truck, where he's arrested by the brother of one of the kids he mistreated, who is a cop.
54a Brother and Sisters Dr. Scratchensniff accidentally causes The Warner Siblings to switch genders, which make them more insane
54b Newton's Cat Door of Opportunity} In 1600s USA, Rita and Runt come across Isaac Newton, but must deal with a Bully Dog, who intends to keep Rita out in the cold.
54c Strained Magic Walter Wolf has Renton Raccoon to infiltrate a magic show to eliminate Slappy, but Renton starts to have second thoughts since He is a childhood friend of Slappy.