Minerva Mink
Minerva Mink

Full Name

Minerva Mink







Eye Color


Hair/Fur Color

Hair and Tail: Blonde
Fur: White


Husband: Marty Mongoose
Children: Melvin Mongoose (1st son, eldest)
Marissa Mink (1st daughter, 2nd eldest)
Martin Mongoose (2nd son, 2nd youngest)
Mindy Mink (2nd daughter, youngest)

Minerva Mink (voiced by Julie Brown) is sexiest mink in Animaniacs and is the beloved wife of Marty Mongoose.

Personality Edit

In her debut appearance, she was best described as a "gold-digger", being extremely vain and typically using men to do whatever she wanted, showing no interest in them whatsoever. For poetic justice, she gets a taste of her own medicine by chasing after men with similar exacting standards who don't seem to find her attractive at all.

In reality, Minerva Mink is a loving and caring mother who is happily married and forever loyal to her one true love, Marty Mongoose.

Gallery Edit

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