The Adventures of Buttons and Runt is an American fanon series that premiered on September 30, 2013.



  • Buttons: A calm, adventurous, yet cowardly 13-year old Rough Collie. He lives with his young brother Runt and his young sister Rita. He can be sarcastic at times. He also has arachnophobia and he deeply cares for Runt and Rita. Voiced by Frank Welker (dog voice) and E.G. Daily (speaking voice).
  • Runt: A loyal, yet dimwitted, happy-go-lucky 12-year old dog. He is excitable, mischevious and has an addiction for meat. He shows lots of care for his older brother Buttons and his young sister Rita. Voiced by Frank Welker.
  • Rita: A feisty, independent smart 9-year old singing cat. She can be the voice of reason at times, and she has acrophobia. Voiced by Bernadette Peters.

More characters soon.


List of The Adventures of Buttons and Runt episodes


  • This show is traditionally animation, just like on Animaniacs. It's also animated by Tokyo Movie Shinsha.

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