Dot of Oz by FATtimon-2-

Dot in the episode


After Dot and her brothers wind up in the land of Oz they and Oz versions of the Varners who got back from a convention (which explains why they are dressed like the scarecrow,tingirl,and lion) and want dates.So they can get back to Burbank.Only to be hunted down by The Wicked Witch of the west (Lucy Snotswagger).



Background info.Edit

  • Running gag:Other charcthers thinking the Varners thinking they're scarcrow,tingirl,and lions and Yokko expliaing to him/her that they got back from a convention

Counity/Refences to the sersieEdit



  • The whole epiosde is a paordy of the Wizard of Oz
  • [more comeing soon]

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