Verona Alspiceka
[[The real Verona|250px]]
final artwork

Full name:

Veronica "Verona" Ginanoi Alspiceka


16 (in the sersie)
28 (as of 2010)


unknown parents





Hair/fur color:



"Like Whatever"
"Get those creeps out of here"

1st appearence

Switched Personality

Voiced by

Grey DeLisle (speaking)
Britney Spears(singing)


Veronica "Verona" Ginaoi Alspiceka was born in 1982 in Venacnce,Italy.She started her carrer at age 14 and ever since she sprayed Acme talent perfume she's been like a germaphobic pop diva ever since.In the Animaniacs episode Switched Personality She and Yakko trade places with Yakkko covering her for a concert and Verona covering for an interview with Becky for her Animaniacs fanclub website.,But then they start acting like each other until the others switched them back.She only appears on sevreal occasions.She also has a website which is best known for it's Gloating Section

Fans of HerEdit

  • Yokko
  • Wokka
  • Yakko (crush)
  • Wakko (crush)
  • Becky
  • "Creepy Kid"
  • [unknown others]

Background info.Edit

  • She is a parody of Madonna and Britney Spears
  • Her only major appearnce was in Switched Personality her only other appearnces are cameos since there was already a spoiled charcther
  • [more needed]

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