Hideous Ugly poopy Butt-hole Copy Cat
Yokko Varner
final artowrk

Full name

Yokkoachi "Yokko" Warner (nee' Varner)


Same as Yakko (in the physical world)


Anmi Varner (mother),unnamed father,Yakko (future spouse),Wokka (sister),Dok (brother),Nikki (future daughter),Jakko (future son),Jodi (future daughter),Suki (cousin) Itoko (cousin),11 other Japanese cousins,The Warners (future in-laws)




Japanese Anime Chacrther

hair/fur color

Hair:Black (dyed,born a blonde)


"Okay This I Don't even get!"
"No offense ,but..."

1st appearnce

Animaniacs The Movie

Voiced By

Belle Throne (as a teenager)
Noah Cyrus (as a child)
Grey Delise (as an adult in "Back to The Warners' Future")

A Yakko look ugly is that wig and dress. what did you do to poor yakko??? DX Yokko so like yakko. poor yakko. he has a girl clone. Yakko does not like here. Other copys: this is animaniacs? : what is this?: What or those two headed monsters? and when Zak crashed into Ko it's impossible for them to combine like that how can they walk?. those last three are the weirdest thing I've ever seen in my life XD





Hates Yakko Warner

In the movie she had a secret crush unknowning to her that Yakko hates her back and was revealed when Wokka and Dok found a picture of him in her drawer when their supsersions got high and their realtionship grew lowet through out the movie and made 2 unsucegfull attempts to kiss finally long after she finds out that Yakko is not dead they finally kiss and Yakko calls her a stalker.

In the sersie they countine to date and she often gets annoy when Yakko goes all "Hello Nurse" on another girl but he hates her.

Sakko Warner/MacHaleEdit

Sakko has a crush on her while he totally hates him and often tries to (sucessfuly) attempt to break Yakko and Yokko up so he could have her. And it worked.

[more coming soon] Not.



  • Animaniacs The Movie (1st appearnce)

Animaniacs (2013 version)Edit

  • The Varners' Segements (main segemnt)

The WarnersEdit

They are seconadry charcthers in the Warner cartoons

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